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About my.Fairfield 2.0

ITS Support Services has unveiled a search-based, mobile-friendly web application that makes it simple to find and access University resources, documents, and websites. With my.Fairfield 2.0, you search for what you want and then click it to launch it.

Video tutorial

Below is a video providing you an overview of how to use my.Fairfield 2.0.

Finding tasks in my.Fairfield 2.0

Access my.Fairfield 2.0 through any desktop or mobile browser.

my.Fairfield 2.0 supports access from smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. The interface is designed to be consistent and familiar, and provides simple but powerful search capabilities that help you quickly find and access the Fairfield University services you need to accomplish important tasks (e.g., finding classes, checking grades, and paying bills).

Search results are displayed as boxes with icons, similar to what you see in a mobile app store. Each box (or "task") represents a Fairfield University service and is identified by name and category.

Your search results also may include collections of related tasks called Task Centers:

Request for Assistance  

Launch Pad

You also can search within specific categories of tasks (e.g., AdvisingNew Student, or Financial Aid).

my.Fairfield 2.0 uses search analytics to provide suggested results based on previous visits and the tasks performed by similar users. When you log in, you can select favorites for easy access, and set preferences.

To launch a task, click its badge; or (next to the badge), click the details icon ().  On the page that opens, click .

You can start searching now:


Tasks in my.Fairfield 2.0 are visible to everyone. You'll need to log in via using your NetID only when you launch tasks that are based on restricted Fairfield University services (e.g., Outlook, Gmail, Banner, Grades).

More about my.Fairfield tasks

my.Fairfield 2.0 contains over 100 tasks, and the number of tasks will continue to grow through regular releases.

  • Tasks and search: Tasks are displayed based on values associated with their titles, tags, descriptions, and metadata. The more frequently a task is used in connection with a certain search value, the more that value will increase.
  • Grouping tasks: Publishers can group tasks by category, tag, or concept. 
  • Most popular tasks: Task popularity rises based on the number of clicks. Publishers can market tasks on other media to increase clicks and popularity.

For further assistance, please visit the ITS4U Help Desk located in NYS 215 or call 203-254-4069 during business hours.

Hours can be found here: ITS4U Help Desk Hours of Operation