This article will will show how to access a resource account via Outlook Web Application (OWA) with 2 different methods.

You can only log into a Resource Account if the account owner has requested those permissions for you through the ITS Help Desk.

Step-by-step guide

Method 1: Direct Method

  1. In your web browser, enter the following URL in the Address bar "" Ex. 
  2. Resource accounts generally do not have their own password.  Enter your own Username (NetID) & Password to log in.

Method 2: Indirect Method

  1. Log into OWA via the icon on the LaunchPad in my.Fairfield or by going to and logging into your own mailbox.
  2. Once logged in, click on your name in the top right corner. A pop up box should appear.
  3. In the select mailbox field, enter the name of the resource account. As you start to type the name, the autofill will start to populate with accounts that you have access to Select the account you would like to access
  4. Click Open. You will then be directed to the Resource Account

Method 2 Info

You will only be able to perform Method 2 if you have a personal account. If you do not have a personal account, you will have to use Method 1.