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  1. Access Microsoft Imagine (Dreamspark)

    Microsoft Imagine (Dreamspark) for Fairfield University is only available for all students that fall under STEM departments. Your account as a STEM student will be created after the Add/Drop period when STEM enrollment is finalized. Your account is active during your time at Fairfield. Store can be accessed via: Micros
  2. Setup Student Gmail ( Email on iOS and Android Devices

    For instructions on how to forward your account to another account please click here: Forwarding Gmail Emails iOS Device Instructions Please note that you must be on at least iOS 8.3 or higher for setting up new Gmail accounts on iOS devices. 1
  3. Purchase Books in the Portal

    Sign into At the type of the page, search for "Buy Textbooks Online" textbook 1.png Click "Buy TextBooks Online" then select your term and click Submit textbook 2.png textbook 3.png For further assistance, please visit the ITS Help Desk located in NYS 230 or call 2032544069 during business hours. Hours
  4. Run Windows on your Mac

    This article provides some basic information to acquire Windows and install it on your Mac as a student. There a few ways that you can run Windows on your Mac … for discounts on Windows. Once Windows is acquired, choose a method to use Windows on your Mac: Bootcamp for Mac See How to install Windows using Boot Camp
  5. Access a Resource Account via Outlook Web Application (OWA)

    This article will will show how to access a resource account via Outlook Web Application (OWA) with 2 different methods. You can only log into a Resource Account if the account owner has requested those permissions for you through the ITS4U Help Desk. image2015116 14:26:45.png Stepbystep guide Method 1: Direct Method
  6. Add Public Folder Contacts to the list of Address Books

    This guide will assist to add a Public Folder Contact Group to the Global Address Book in Outlook (Windows). Stepbystep guide The Public Folder must be open first. See Open a Public Folder in Outlook To setup the Contact List in the Address Book, navigate to your public folder and find the contact list you want to add.
  7. DM: Adding Authors for Publications

    Click Add to add another author row image2018519162.png Click the Up or Down Arrow on the righthand side to move your record down or another's up. image20185191757.png You can then select the 1st Author/Primary Author as someone other than yourself. image20185191914.png Only enter the First or Last Name of an Author if
  8. Install Windows Updates

    University computers have Windows Updates managed by ITS. Please still check for Windows Updates in the event that new updates were not installed. Windows Update Instructions Windows 10 Select the Start button or Windows Key (on the keyboard) and do a search for "Windows Updates". You can also go to Microsoft Update ht
  9. Is your computer protected ?

    Things you can do to help protect your computer Add the steps involved: Ensure your computer is updated Keep software installed on your computer updated Reboot your computer regularly as some updates require a restart to completely install the update Install antivirus, keep it updated and scan your computer regularly f
  10. New Student FAQs

    Does Fairfield University supply computers? Fairfield University does not supply computers, however we have negotiated discount pricing with HP and Apple. Click here to see purchase information What kind of computer should I buy? Fairfield has no specific requirements of what kind of computer you should buy. We recomme