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To Access Call Pilot from your telephone (Log in)

1. Lift the handset and dial extension 5555
2. Enter your mailbox number (which is your 4 digit extension), plus # (or if at your regular telephone just press #)
3. Enter your password, plus #
To Access Call Pilot from outside the office (Log in)
1. Dial 203-254-5555
2. Enter mailbox number, plus #
3. Enter your password, plus #

ASSIGN YOUR OWN PASSWORD: Your initial password is 11 plus your mailbox number
(11 + x2405)
Change your password to a number only you will know
1. Lift handset and dial extension 5555
NOTE: To access Call Pilot from off-campus,
Dial 203-254-5555

1. Lift handset dial extension 5555
2. Enter your mailbox number, plus #
3. Enter your password, plus #
4. Dial 829 to change your recorded name
5. Press 5, wait for tone, then speak your first and last name followed by #
6. To delete your name, press 76 and try again
7. To return to the start of mailbox, press 4
NOTE: Always delete the current name recording before re-recording your name
PERSONAL GREETINGS: You may record greetings for both external and internal callers. If you want all callers to hear the same greeting, you only need to record the external greeting.
1. Lift handset dial extension 5555
2. Enter your mailbox number, plus #
3. Enter your password, plus #
4. Dial 82 to record your greeting
5. To record your external greeting, press 1
6. To record your internal greeting, press 2
7. To record your temporary greeting, press 3
8. Press 5 to record, wait for the tone, record your greeting, press # to stop recording
9. To verify greeting, press 2; to delete your greeting, press 76
10. To return to the start of your mailbox, press 4
NOTE: If you record a temporary greeting, you can set an expiry date and time for the temporary greeting to stop playing. To set the expiry date and time, press 9 after you record the greeting and follow the prompts. If you do not set an expiry date, you will need to manually
delete the greeting (log into your voicemail box, press 82 to enter the greeting menu, press 3 for the temporary greeting, and press 76 to delete the greeting).
1. Dial 5555
2. Enter mailbox number, plus #
3. Enter password, plus #
4. Press 75 to compose a message
5. Enter first extention, then press #
6. Continue to enter extentions followed by #
7. When addresses complete, press # again
8. Press 5 to record, wait for tone, begin recording
9. Press # to end the recording
(To verify recording, press 2)
Then Press 79 to send the message
NOTE: To cancel an address dial 0#

1. After hearing the message, press 71
2. Press 5 to record your reply
3. Press # to end recording
4. Press 79 to send the message 

To send a message without logging in to your mailbox.
1. Dial extension 5555 or dial Dial 203-254-5555
from outside
2. Enter mailbox (ext.) of the person for whom you are leaving the message, then press #
3. Wait for the tone then record your message
4. Hang up 

1. Dial 5555
2. Enter mailbox number, plus #
3. Enter password, plus #
4. Messages will automatically play
5. To go to the next message, press 6
6. To go to previous message, press 4
7. To go to a specific message, press 86
8. Press 76 to DELETE a message
9. If you wish to call back the party while listening to a message, press 9.
10. Messages are kept for 21 days if not deleted
NOTE: A message is not deleted until the Call Pilot session is complete, (i.e. hung up). You can restore a deleted message by skipping to the deleted message and pressing 76 (must be done before you hang up). 
1. After listening to the message, press 73
2. Enter the mailbox number(s), followed by #
3. Press # again when last mailbox is entered
4. Press 5, to record an introduction
5. Press # to end recording
6. Press 79 to send the message 
1. Press the Trans key – hear dial tone (caller is on hold)
2. Dial number you are transferring to
3. Announce transfer
4. If you wish to switch between the person you are transferring to and the original caller, press the Swap key. Press Swap again to switch back.
5. Press Connect key to complete the transfer
6. Note: To rejoin caller if transferred number is busy or unanswered press the Goodbye key.
Then press the Line (DN) key with the flashing icon to return to the original call. 
1. Press the Trans key – hear dial tone (caller is
on hold)
2. Dial 5555 (Express Messaging)
3. Dial the user's four digit extension followed by #
4. Press Connect Key to complete the transfer
1. With the handset in the cradle, press the
Forward key
2. Enter the 4 digit extension you wish to forward your calls to. If you wish to forward your calls directly to your voicemail, enter 5555
3. Press the Done key. You should see a
message on your display saying "Calls
4. To cancel the call forward, press the CheckFW
button and then press CancelFw button. NOTE: If you forward your calls to another phone, and that person does not pick up your call, it will go back to your voicemail box. 
To set up a conference call:
1. While on a call, press Conf. The other party is
on hold.
2. Dial the next number to add to the conference.
When the call is answered, you may talk privately with the person before they join the conference. You can use the Swap Key to switch between talking with the original caller and the new caller.
3. Press the Connect key to complete the
conference. If necessary, repeat the procedure to include up to three people in the conference, including yourself.
4. If the person you attempt to add to the conference is unavailable:
a. a. Press the Goodbye Key.
b. b. Press the Line (DN) Key with the flashing icon to return to your original call.
NOTE: M3904 phones are able to make six way conference calls (up to five other parties plus yourself). 
Dial 8 + 911 and wait for instructions from emergency operator 

Directory Assistance:
1. Local (in area code 701): Dial 9 + 1 + 411
2. Domestic (other locations with area code): Dial 9 + 1 + area code + 555-1212

For further assistance, please visit the ITS4U Help Desk located in NYS 215 or call 203-254-4069 during business hours.

Hours can be found here: ITS4U Help Desk Hours of Operation