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  1. Retired employees with Faculty status and 15 years of service are allowed to keep their email and library database accounts, if they choose to, and if approved by the University Provost.    As of 1/1/19, Faculty who retire with Emeritus status are also allowed these same privileges.   

  2.  Each spring, the Academic Affairs office sends the Identity and Directory Services (IDS) Admin a list of the upcoming retirees who qualify and will be retiring at the end of August.    Occasionally, a qualifying faculty member may retire earlier in the year.

  3. Once the IDS Admin has the list of qualifying people, each is sent a form, (copy below) to ask if they wish to keep email and/or library access after they retire.   Not all choose to keep these accounts after retirement.    NOTE:  All other computer access ends when the retiring faculty member reaches their employment end date.  

  4. If the person chooses to keep email/library accounts, they are given a role in Identity Management called BR-RetireeAssociate.   An end date is NOT added to this role, as it is a lifetime designation*.  This role will allow them to keep email/library access after all other computer access goes away on their Faculty or Adjunct termination date.   

  5. *Retiree Associate accounts are monitored annually by the IDS Admin and the BR-RetireeAssociate role (and associated accounts) are deleted if they have not been used for over a year.

Retiring Faculty – Email/Library Database Continuation Form

This form is for retiring faculty with at least 15 years of continuous service (or Emeritus Status, retiring after 1/1/19) as designated by University Provost.    Please complete the form below to let us know if you wish to keep your Exchange Mailbox and/or Library Database access once you retire.                              

Full Name:                                                                                                  

 _____ I would like to keep my Exchange mailbox.  (Requires regular password resets on your NetID account as per university policy).* 

* Exchange mailboxes that are not used for one year will be deleted.


Home address:                                                           Daytime phone:                     Alternate email address (if available):                                                   

_____ I do not want to keep my Exchange mailbox after retirement. 


_____ I would like to keep access to the Library databases.


_____ I understand that all other computer access at Fairfield University will be disabled as of my termination date.   If I return to teach as an adjunct, I will again get access to any computer access required for that teaching position. 

___________________________________________________              _______________________

Signature                                                                                                                Date