Non-computing devices such as gaming consoles, smart TVs, and some streaming devices can also be registered to the network by following the steps below.

  1. Connect the non-computing device to the STUDENT network or plug an ethernet cable in to the device and attempt to complete the network setup. The device will usually note that it was unable to successfully connect to the network. This is necessary for it to be seen by the network registration system.
  2. Locate the MAC address for your non-computing device. Be sure to note the wired MAC address if you are attempting to connect to the network via a wired connection or the wireless MAC address if attempting to connect via a wireless connection. Instructions for locating the MAC address on many common devices can be found here.
  3. Navigate to on a computer and follow the instructions on that page to complete the network registration process. You will need to enter your NetID and password as well as the MAC address of your device.

If the above process is unsuccessful, connect the device to the Fairfield Guest wireless network.

Common Questions When Using Non-Computing Devices

ITS understands that our students and residential employees expect the same network experience as they would have in a private residence. However, certain consumer-grade technologies do not meet the security requirements of the university network. 

Why can't I use my Chromecast on the university network?

Devices such as Chromecasts, wireless speakers, or smart bulbs "multicast" - broadcast their identity to all other devices connected to the network. This does not prevent unauthorized users from connecting to these devices and interacting with them. This works in a private residence where all the users connected to the network are authorized to interact with devices that multicast. With multicasting, the identity of devices would be broadcast across the entire network, and anyone attempting to connect to one of these devices would be able to do so without the consent of the device owner. 

Why can't I play certain games online?

The Fairfield University network uses a strict Network Address Translation (NAT) type to provide over a thousand external IP addresses for the university network. Many gaming consoles will perform poorly in this type of network environment. ITS is constantly working to maintain its infrastructure to meet the needs of students, faculty, and staff. At this time however, the network cannot be adjusted to accommodate this need of gaming consoles.