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How to Update your title if it is incorrect or there are multiple listed.

You are able to update your profile if your title is wrong or there are duplicates titles:


  1. Log into Digital Measures via my.Fairfield
  2. Click on the Activities button (upper left) 
  3. Under the 'General' section click on Work History
    This is a list of all specific jobs that were listed on your resume/CV when it was imported into Digitial Measures.
  4. Look for and then click on the position the item that is not currently true
  5. Scroll down to the bottom, to the Start/End Date Fields
  6. Make sure that all 'End Date' fields are filled out (Month, Day, Year) with a date prior to today.
  7. Click Save 
  8. That 'Job' will, after about an hour or so no longer show up on your faculty profile
  9. Repeat steps 1 - 9 for any other 'Titles' or 'Jobs' that are incorrectly showing up on your faculty profile.