ITS is migrating from Xythos to Dropbox. Xythos and Dropbox will be running concurrently. Xythos will be decommissioned at the end of the fiscal year (6/30/2017).

Visit for Dropbox at Fairfield info, Dropbox guides & tutorials, and more.

Your Personal Xythos folder will NOT be moved to Dropbox by ITS.  You will be responsible for transferring the data over to Dropbox, but the process is very easy. See below.

Departmental Xythos folders will be moved to Dropbox by ITS in early 2017.

If you have a Faculty Web Page (ex., ITS will reach out to you and migrate it to Dropbox.

Please note: Dropbox for Education accounts require an email address. This means if you currently have a personal Dropbox account that uses an email address and you want to keep your personal account separate, you may want to go ahead and change it to a non-work related email address. This will make the Dropbox for Education setup process easier. To learn how to change the address now, please click this link:

Moving from Xythos to Dropbox Instructions can be found here: How-To Move Xythos (Personal) to Dropbox Instructions

Dropbox Live: 10/17/16 - Faculty & Staff should join Dropbox team, transfer data from Personal Xythos to Dropbox, and become familiar with the application.

Faculty Web Pages: Start 11/1/16 - Faculty will be contacted when their site is ready to be moved.

Xythos Departmental Folders to Dropbox Team Folders: 2/1/17

Xythos Shutdown: 7/1/17

Dropbox How-To Articles

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The Open button on

For further assistance, please visit the ITS4U Help Desk located in NYS 215 or call 203-254-4069 during business hours.

Hours can be found here: ITS4U Help Desk Hours of Operation