Creating a Rule in Outlook 2010:

DESCRIPTION/SYMPTOMS: User would like to have certain emails stored in a certain folder


How to create a Rule in Outlook 2010:

After you receive the mail into your inbox:
1. Highlight and then right click on the email in question.
2. A menu will appear.
3. Choose “Rules” from the menu and then choose “Create Rule…” from the fly-out menu.
4.  The “Create Rule” creation wizard will then open up.
5.  Place a checkmark in the “From” selection box.
6. Then place a check mark in the “Move item to folder:”
7. Then click on the “Select Folder…” button.
8. A window will open that displays the items that make up your Exchange mailbox.  Select the “Deleted Items”  folder from the list, then click “OK”.
9. Click on “OK” again when you are returned to the main “Create Rule” wizard screen.
10. A pop up will appear with the word “Success” in the upper left corner and stating “The rule“name of rule” has been created.
11. Below it will be another sentence that says, “Run this rule now on messages already in the current folder”.  Place a checkmark in the box in front of this sentence and then click “OK”.

The rule will run against the mailbox at that point and remove any messages that meet the criteria.  Whn new mail arrives in your mailbox that meets this criteria, the rule will automatically execute.

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