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 Download the actual Excel file, open it in Excel and print (has 2 tabs)


Library Technology Support ("Whom to Call" List)
Aslo available online at the Tech WiKi
Note:This Excel file has 2 sheets: Contact (this page) and Issue List - make sure to print both
How to use this list: try contacting primary contact listed on the issue first, if primary contact is not available - try secondary contact. If neither is available, use your judgement, if it's extremely important - call people on their home/cell#. If not, note the issue in your department's wiki AND email or leave a voice mail for the primary contact so they can take care of it upon return. IMPORTANT: For urgent issue, please feel free to call RH even we're not listed as the primary contact
ITS HelpdeskLocation: Library,Room 230(Main Floor) Phone: (203) 254-4000 ext. 4069 email: Regular Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m-7 p.m.; Sunday 4 p.m.-8 p.m. (Near Finals - Extended hours: 7:00 - 9:00PM. WEPA on-call support: 9:00 - Midnight.) Summer Hours: Mon -Thurs 8 a.m.-7 p.m.; Friday 8 a.m.-12 noon See full hours at:
Classroom SupportPhone: x4099 / x4357 Location: ITS(Dolan) You can contact them directy for "Classroom" (e.g. 107C). Usual respond time ~ 5-10 minutes. Classroom Issues & Updates website: Hours: M-F: 7:30 - 7PM
Robert (RH)x3283 | rhoyt5@fairfield.eduCell# 1(516)761-0474M-F Usually 8:00 - 4:00
Media Centerx2593Kirk Anderson x3082 / Casey Timmeny x3255Hours: M-F usually until 7PM. See:
Stagcard Officex4009,, see:
Mat Blaine (Mblaine)x3423 |
Nina (NP)x2039 | M-F Usually 8:00 - 4:00
Curtis (CF)x2185 | M-F Usually 9:00 - 5:00
Elise (EB)x2892 | M-F Usually 9:00 - 5:00
Ryan Business Systems1(860)842-1916 Canon printers. Please specify machine ID (see sticker)
CBS (CT Business System)Service: 1(800)648-4236 Supplies: 1(800) 842-0009 (student copier) Please specify machine ID (there's a sticker on copier)
EMS (BK)x2086 | M-F Usually 9:00 - 5:00

Issues List:

WEPA Kiosk Status

IssueIssue DetailsPrimary ContactSecondary ContactNote
LabsPublic Computers (main floor, café, 250)ITSRH
Lab 114RHITS
EMS (Room Reservations)All issues with EMS reservation system: public reservation kiosks, login issues to EMS, etcBK
RoomsLibrary Conference room (304)RHITS
Virtual Reality Room (326)RHITS
Research Consultation RoomRHITS
107 CClassroom Support / ITSRH / Sylviasee
Multimedia 101Media CenterMat / RH
Collaboratories, Grad Study, and Group study rooms A/V RHITSsee
WEPA PrintingKiosk down, out of paper, jam (refer all complaints & issues to ITS helpdesk -- nothing we [Library] can do about it)ITSIf help desk is closed, see noteemail: and CC or call x4069 (WEPA on-call tech usually here Mon-Thu) and refer user to help page please Include Kiosk# when reporting issues: see status:
student needs refund - contact WEPA directlyWEPA- 1-800-675-7639 ,, or Live Chat at
how to install WEPA driversITSRH
PrintersNew Canon Printer: physical issue e.g. need toner / jam / hangRyan Business SysITS
New Canon Printer: printing issue/questions e.g. how to print to en envelopeITSRH
Stagcardfor StagPrint, balances, problem w/ Stagcard reader at circdesk, Stagcard machine in CaféStagCard Office-Leave DETAILED VOICE MESSAGE- YOUR NAME & DETAILS
Non-Library Owned devices / servicesHardware related issues for personal / university provided devices / phone charger station in the CafeITS-
Internet, wireless connectivity, virus and spyware problemsITS-
NetID login, my.Fairfield, Blackboard, EmailITS-
Library Owned DevicesLoaner Laptop / iPadRHITS
Tech Equipment for CirculationsMatRH
Lookup computersRHNot Critical
Staff computers - generic proglem e.g. no internet, slow computer, virus, emailITSRHIf it's urgent, ok to call RH
Staff computers - Library specific issue e.g. Alma, Barcode ScannerRHITS
Staff iPads (all issues)RHITS
Misc. equipmentScannx ScannerRHCircdesk
Self checkout machine / Gate CounterRHNot Critical
Microform EquipmentRHJcayer
TV VHS DVD player - Lower LevelRHCircdesk
Digital Signage (Lobby)RHMB
2 "Student" Copiers (Xerox) Sharon (x2189)VendorVendor = CBS (see contact page)
Phone / voice mailITSRH
Security cameraRHPublic Safety (x4090)
Library Websitee.g. broken links, typo, wrong hours, forms, library tasks in my.FairfieldRHITS Ticket
Library SystemsILLiad, contentDMRHEB
Off-campus access, proxy, IPRHNP/Vendors
EbookNP / CFRH
LibGuides: technicalRHVendor
LibGuides: contentEmily (x2184)
DatabasesNP / CFRH
PrimoRHVendor RH, NP, CF have accounts
AlmaRHVendor RH, NP, CF have accounts
After Power Outage - wifi & etc.ITS Internet / Wi-Fi should comeback in 15-30 minutes - if not contact ITS
Not Tech relatedFacilities issue e.g. lights out, carpet strains, holes in the wall, graffiti, broken furnitureSharon (x2189)Sylvia
Anything else not listed hereRH

Heads Up!

Please note that the 1st and 2nd contact are NOT 1:1 reflection of who actually supports what. It's what we think is the best way for you to repot the problem and get it resolved quickly and efficiently.

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