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DocFinity User Guide for Searching/Viewing

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Enterprise Computing

DOCFINITY End-User Guide



You will be able to access DocFinity through the portal.  You will be prompted for your Net ID credentials to access the system.  Use your Net ID and password.  DocFinity is configured with Single-Sign On, so you will click on the DocFinity Icon and then accept the consent form. Please note, you will be prompted to consent one time for each day you log in. 



Login Window Details

  • Fairfield University sign on page
  • Username → Your Net ID
  • Password → Net ID password
  • Consent page → Opens to DocFinity Workspaces home page.

Your Workspace

Upon login, you can customize your workspace to display panels of where your data/documents live.  Go to the Panels tab and select the panels you would like to display upon log in.  As a user with only search and view access, you would most likely want to see the Search, Search Results and Document Viewer panels. 


Your Workspace, continued…

The panels can be minimized, removed, and resized.   The panels can also be resized by hovering over the lines between each panel and scrolling up/down or side/side. 



Saving your Workspace


Go to the Workspace tab in the top left, click Save Workspace As.  Then, each time you log in, your home page will be this saved workspace.  It can be changed at any time. 



After documents have been scanned and indexed, you can search for the document(s).


  1. Click Workspace > Searching to open the Search panel.

2.      Enter the data you want to search.  You can search by document type and title or any fields in the search menu.

In your Search Results panel, you will see all documents that returned.  You can sort and rearrange the column display by using the column headers. 

Double click on a document and you will be able to view the document in your Document Viewer panel. 

You can also zoom in/out and scroll from page to page. 


Exporting Document Title List

Go to Workspaces, Searching


Perform your search

From Search Results panel, Export to Spreadsheet


Go to Panels, My Desktop


Click Export Queue to view the status of your request.


You will see ‘processing’ or ‘ready for download’ in the status column.  When your file is ready for download, you will see a link to the file in the ‘File(s) to download’ column.  You can also see all of your requests and the date the file will expire.

Click on the file link to open the file and review your list of documents, just as they are listed in your search results panel.

Click open, OK.


This will open your list in Excel.  You can format however you need. 



DocFinity Interface Basics

Interfaces across DocFinity share common features and options, as described below. Note: You can change the display size of Workspaces by using your browser’s Zoom controls.

List Page Controls

Displayed when a list of items is too long to display on a single page. Click the navigation controls to display the other pages in the list.


Click to open online help for the pop-up window.

Panel Menu

Click to open an options menu on panels.


Closes the panel or window.


Minimize the panel to a simple menu bar.


Restore the panel to normal size.

Full Screen

Maximize the panel to full screen.

Open in New Window

Will move the Viewer to a new window.


Selects / de-selects the adjacent item. When the checkbox is in the header of a list of item, clicking the checkbox selects / de-selects all the items in the list. Use shift-click to select multiple checkboxes.


If a list column header items is preceded by this symbol, the list can be filtered by selected items in that column. Click to open the Filter options. Filtering displays any list entry that contains the entered characters.

Filter Applied


Resizable Panels

Indicates the column is filtered. Click to open the Filter options.


Click and drag to resize panels.

Collapse/ Expand Panel

Click to collapse or expand a panel.

Adjustable Column Widths

Most table columns can be resized. Hold the cursor over the header column divider until the resizing cursor appears, and then click and drag the divider to adjust it.


Collapse/ Expand

Collapse or expand the menu item to hide or show additional information / selections.

Sortable Columns

Most tables can be sorted by column. Sort the items in a list by the selected column, either in descending or ascending order.



The Navigation Bar gives you access to the menus for all of DocFinity's functions.  Note:  Only menu items you have the Feature Right to access are available for selection in the Navigation Bar.




Access preset workspaces, which are sets of panels related to a particular job function.

  • Searching

Load the Searching workspace. By default, the workspace contains the Search and Search Results panels.

  • Save Workspace As

Save the current panel layout. Opens a window to select the workspace to save the layout as: Searching, Job Assignments, Indexing, or as a custom-named workspace. Opens Save Workspace As.

  • Delete Custom Workspace

Delete a custom workspace. Opens Delete Custom Workspace..

  • Reset to Default Workspaces

Reset the workspace to its default display. You are prompted to confirm.





Display or hide individual panels. A checkmark indicates the panel is open.

  • Document Information

Display or hide the Document Information panel.

  • Document Viewer

Display or hide the Document Viewer panel.

  • Forms

Display or hide the Forms panel.

  • Index

Display or hide the Index panel.

  • Search

Display or hide the Search panel.

  • Search Results

Display or hide the Search Results panel.

  • Close All Panels   

Close all open panels.



Access DocFinity help and information.

  • Help

Open DocFinity Help documentation in a separate browser window.

  • Hot Key Reference

Display the Hot Key Reference.

  • About

Display the About window, which contains version and licensing information. Click the About window to close it.

Click to access the user menu, where you can set your preferences or logout of DocFinity.

  • Preferences


Edit your application preferences. Options include General, Document View, Indexing, and Search Results.

  • General


Set personal preferences for the level of instructional text displayed on panels and windows throughout DocFinity. Opens General Preferences.

  • Document View


Set personal options for viewing documents throughout DocFinity. Opens Document View Preferences.

  • Search Results

Set personal Search Result options. Opens Search Results Preferences.

  • Logout


End the current session and log out the current user. Returns the browser to the DocFinity Login window. Logging out saves your current workspace. The next time you log in, the saved workspace will open automatically.


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