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These instructions are only for guests of the University, students already have an account and should use their NetID and Password to access their wepa account.

If you plan to print at the Library regularly, it might be more convenient to create a WEPA account. See Instructions

Overview: 3 easy steps 😋

1) Purchase and refill a Library Visitor Print Card

  • Go to Library Cafe (main level) and find the StagCard machine (The StagCard Value Transfer Station)
  • Buy a guest card (select "Purchase A Card" - the guest card costs $1)
  • Add money to it (the machine takes cash and credit card at $1 increment)

2) Print

3) Release the print job at WEPA kiosk

  • If you printed from Library computers (have a WEPA code)
    • Go to any WEPA kiosk
    • Tap "Don't have a Stag Card? Tap here"
    • Tap "I have a Wepa Code"
    • Enter your Wepa code and tap "Submit"
    • Select you print job and tap "print"
    • On the "Default payment method" screen, Tap "Stag Card" (NOT "Print Card")
    • swipe you Library Visitor Print Card
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