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C&PS offers a number of identity-based groups, support groups, and skill-development workshops throughout the week. If you are interested in meeting with a group leader to see if it's a good fit to join a group, please schedule an appointment (and please tell us that you are interested in a group screening appointment). Students who have previously participated in groups should also return to participate in groups each year by scheduling a group screening appointment. 

Counseling groups typically meet one time per week.  Meeting days and times are generally established based on student interest and availability.  

If a Group is marked 'TBD' it means the date and time of the group are still being determined.  If you are interested, reach out to us so we can consider your availability when determining a day and time.

 2022 Group Schedule
Group NameMeeting Date/TimeLocationDrop-In/Registration Required
ConnectionsTBDWellness CenterRegistration
Grief GroupTBDWellness CenterRegistration

Feel Better Fast for
First Years

Fridays 2:30-3:30 pmWellness CenterRegistration

Living your Best Queer Life
at Fairfield U

TBDWellness CenterRegistration
Melanin MattersTBDWellness CenterRegistration
Recovery GroupTBDTBDRegistration
Self-Care for AthletesTBDTBDRegistration
Self-Care for SurvivorsTBDWellness CenterRegistration
Support for you: For Family
Members of Alcoholics
Understanding Self and OthersTBDWellness Center (or outside
weather permitting)
Women of ColorTBDWellness CenterRegistration
Yoga for Stress ReliefWednesdays, 12:00-1:00 pmRecPlexRegistration

Understanding Self and Others

A group for undergraduate students who want to give and receive support to each other in a nurturing and safe environment. The group offers a therapeutic setting where members listen to each other, work towards personal goals, use discussion to better understand themselves, and practice new ways of relating to others. The group is appropriate for students working through a wide range of topics, including but not limited to, personal growth, relationships, depression, anxiety, stress management, establishing healthy boundaries, and improving self-care. 

Women of Color

The purpose of this group is to Provide mentorship to current female students of color at Fairfield University and discuss overall issues that pertain to them on campus, including but not limited to, personal, academic, and social/emotional. Ultimately, the group aims to provide a safe space to empower young women of color to use their voices, skills, and abilities to impact change in their lives across campus.

Nursing Student Support

This is a supportive. process-oriented group that focuses on the unique challenges and stressors that nursing students face, including but not limited to, self-care, maintaining healthy relationships, navigating the stresses of work/life balance, and establishing healthy sleep hygiene and eating habits. 

SAM: Stress and Anxiety Management

SAM is a workshop that runs in a 3 session format. If you are interested in learning more about anxiety/stress and how to better manage it, SAM will be a good fit for you. Though weekly participation is encouraged to gain the most benefit, it is not required and can be attended on a drop in basis. 

Pride Group

This group provides a safe, confidential, and affirming environment to discuss identity, community, intimate relationships, family & friendships, mental health, and other issues of relevance. The group is focused on the needs of the members and is highly flexible and inclusive. 

Grief Group

This group is for anyone looking for support in dealing with loss. Grief and its accompanying emotions can be complicated. When we have lost a person who has had meaning in our lives, being with a supportive community of people who actually understand can be just the thing to help us heal.

Self-Care for Survivors

This group is for students who want to build self-care skills and share a sense of safety with fellow survivors of sexual trauma. If you have been sexually assaulted since attending college or as a child, talking about it can be the fist step in the healing process.

Yoga for Stress Relief

This group is designed to help you experience relaxation in the moment and learn new skills for managing stress and anxiety. The group is co-led by a Certified Yoga instructor from the RecPlex and Counselor from C&PS and is designed to calm the mind and body. 


Relationships can be the source of both positive and negative feelings for all of us. Join peers who are interested in actively working towards achieving growth by enhancing their capacity to create, sustain, and deepen their connections with others.

Recovery Group

This group is for all students who are interested in being sober or who have achieved abstinence form drugs and alcohol.  If you want to find out more about Substance Misuse related groups, please visit Substance Misuse Groups.

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