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All regular full and part-time paid faculty, adjunct and staff automatically receive an Active Directory (AD) network account, a Dropbox account and an Exchange mailbox ( when they are hired. These accounts can also be created for temporary employees, student workers and non-employees (consultants, vendors, volunteers, etc.), when it is deemed necessary for work they are doing for the University.


All full and part-time students receive Gmail accounts (


All full and part-time students and all faculty, adjunct and staff receive LDAP accounts, which allow access to My.Fairfield and other University resources.





All full and part time* paid faculty and staff automatically receive AD accounts and mailboxes on our Exchange server ( addresses).


Account Creation:  Accounts get created when a new employee’s job is entered into Banner. The employee’s manager on record in Banner will receive an email notification when the account is created.  The Help Desk can also check to see if a new employee’s accounts are ready and can provide assistance with the NetID account claim process.


Note: *Some employees who do not work on a regular basis (Temps) do not automatically get computer accounts. Their manager can request accounts for them by following the directions at .


Note: *Fairfield Prep faculty and staff do not automatically get University accounts but can request them for special circumstances by following the directions found at


Account Disablement: All user accounts are disabled the evening of an employee’s termination date (last work date) entered in Banner by Human Resources. It is highly recommended that managers and terminating employees discuss this in advance of the termination date and make copies of any files or mailbox items that might be needed before the accounts get disabled. The ITS4U Help Desk can assist with this when necessary.


Note: *Adjunct termination dates are set in Banner to 14 months since last pay date unless a specific term date is communicated to Human Resources.


Account/Data Deletion:   Mailboxes, AD accounts, and Augustus folders are deleted 30 days after an employee’s termination date.


Exceptions:  Any exceptions to the above account creation, disablement and deletion policies must be approved by Human Resources, who will forward their decision to Information Technology Services.  All attempts will be made to comply with these requests, when possible.






AD, Exchange, Dropbox and LDAP accounts can be created for individuals who are not automatically granted such access. This might include vendors, consultants, Jesuit residents, Fairfield Prep faculty/staff, volunteers, research affiliates, student workers, etc. Such access must be deemed necessary by a sponsoring faculty member or supervising staff member.


Account Request Workflow: Accounts for non-employees can be requested by following the directions found at .


Account Creation: Non-employee accounts are created for up to one year at a time once an account request workflow has been approved.  The manager requesting the account is responsible for notifying Information Technology Services if a non-employee leaves before the agreed upon expiration date.


Account Disablement: Non-employee accounts are automatically disabled on the expiration date approved by the workflow.


Account/Data Deletion: Non-employee accounts and any associated data on network resources are deleted 30 days after the expiration date.


Exceptions:  Any exceptions to the above must be approved by the Information & Technology Services Identity & Directory Services Administrator.





All full and part-time students get Gmail accounts ( and LDAP accounts.


Account Creation: Gmail accounts are created when a student becomes a registered student in Banner.


Account Disablement & Deletion: Gmail accounts are available for life for students who graduate from the University.


Individuals who do not maintain their Active Student status and who do not graduate will be allowed to access their accounts for 6 months from the date they are marked Inactive in Banner.  After 6 months, their accounts will be disabled.  Their Gmail account will be deleted 18 months after being marked Inactive.


Exceptions: Any exceptions to the above must be approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs or the Bursar’s office.




For further assistance, please visit the ITS Help Desk located in NYS 230 or call 203-254-4069 during business hours.

Hours can be found here: ITS Help Desk Hours of Operation