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Target migration date: Summer 2018


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Consortium Study
Plan & Select

CTW: what does it mean to join

Do CTW want us?

Bar 1

Bar 2

Need Assessment

Work on RFP

Vendor visit / demo/ etc.

Decision time

Bar 3

Data Creanup



Selection Committee

1st Committee member (11-12 people) for needs assessment

  • dean of lib
  • tech services
    • Jonathan

    • Nina
    • Curtis
  • circ / access services
    • Sharon
    • Elise
  • assessment - Jackie
  • ref
    • Christian
    • Jeremiah
  • tech dept
    • Wit
    • Robert
  • NOTE: after the "baby RFP" document has been created (July 31), committee members can opt-out and become "less involved" if they so choose. The final committee must have at least one person from each area.

2nd Committee member for selection (7 people)


overarching: combine e-resource & print. reduce data load. streamline workflow. 


  • "talk" to Banner
  • use Electronic Invoices (EDI) as much as possible
  • ebooks subscribe vs purchase
  • able to handle those weird acq stuffs like "one bib/order record but receive item catalog separately" e.g. those Brooking institute books
  • standing order / approval plan
  • Serials


  • OCLC copy cataloging
  • ??


  • better patron load?
  • loan rules
    • end of semester date
  • request: hold & recall
  • inventory / mobile circ


  • understandable relevancy algorithm
  • email / sms record to user


  • quality of KB
  • basically compare our current 360 suites to the new system
  • Wit
    • how does ebooks records work?
      • Proquest own like EbookCentral
      • Non Proquest e.g. Ebsco - those add, insert, delete


  • request item to be put on reserve right from the web
  • better stats
  • ILL: NCIP, ILLiad integration?

Web interface

  • responsive
  • ada
  • customizable
  • MUST have API
  • MUST support LDAP login, IDEALLY support CAS, SAML 2.0

Quick overview

Alma (ExLibris):


BlueCloud (SirsiDynix) (a lot of module still "coming soon")

Sample RFP


  • form a committee
  • need assessment
    • talk about the whole current workflow, so everybody understands the big picture
    • good & bad of current systems / workflow
    • what we want to achieve with the new system(s)
    • create
    • a baby RFP (RFQ?)
      • we're not doing a full RFP process, this document is mainly for us; so we know what we want
    • a scoring criteria / rubrics
      • 1-10 scale
      • each can have a different weight
  • first round of demo (5-6 vendors)
  • 2nd round demo (down to 2 vendors?)
  • decision by end of Nov 15!!!!


  • systems we're looking to replace (the new system must be able to do...)
    • Millennium ILS
    • 360 Links
    • 360 ERM / Counter
    • Summon (if needed)
  • Budget
    • No more than 5% of what we pay for current systems we're replacing
    • yearly increase? no more than 5% ? (current iii = 5%)

Scoring Criteria

  • do it for current system / workflow first
  • then compare

Random Bookmarks


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