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  1. Tips Tricks and Best Practices for Working Remotely.pdf

    , it's likely a good time to do some email archiving. How to clean up your mailbox • My.Fairfield – The University portal, is a good starting
  2. Resource account policy September 2014.doc

    of the resource account is responsible for maintaining the account by deleting unused items or archiving older items. The owner is also responsible for notifying ITS
  3. News@ Documentation

    in this section): Upload image to the media library (see above instructions)... select 'image' not media path In T4 go to section: "News" → "Archive" → (select … to the 9 position with the 'H1' content in the 1 position. Contact Digital Marketing to publish the news archive. Personalized Stories (DO NOT include stories
  4. News@ Task List

    , 667, 730, 690, 776, 845) section to point to current month section with stories for that week under archive 91 incomplete Update Nav ID (701, 706) sections need … under assets) to last week's date 94 incomplete Move 'H1' content type to top of list in all sections (check under tags and archive branches) 100 incomplete Check
  5. FFU-PPFAQ.docx

    MegaBytes maximum uncompressed attachment size – 250 MegaBytes maximum number of attachments – 256 maximum number of files contained win a zipped archive – 256
  6. Film, Television & Media Arts Home Photos Forms FTM 90 Templates Guidelines Archives Sign Up Here to Crew on a Fall 2019 Capstone … Poster Contest Archives Faculty and Staff NonFairfield Production Contacts <b><h1 style
  7. Pre-Production Resources

    Archives (pre 2017) FTM Producer's Schedule Sample On Campus Production Location Approval Form FTM Producer's Preproduction, Production and Postproduction … by group and are available for download as Word Documents or PDF files. Current Forms Archives (preJanuary 2017) Preproduction checklist PreProduction Sample
  8. Digital Humanites

    Archive under construction medsmall
  9. SEP Vulnerability BLOCKED, Attach Name: Portscan, Application: /mach_kernel

    Problem Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) for Mac detects /machkernel as a vulnerability and displays this notification. Please note that this is an issue SEP and not an actual threat to your computer. The machkernel is legitimate. image2016727 11:11:40.png Solution To stop receiving this false vulnerability alert, yo
  10. Working Remotely Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

    limits Working remotely could lead to an increase in email usage. If your mailbox is close to the limit, it's likely a good time to do some email archiving