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Visual Voicemail 

Visual Voice allows you to access your voicemail mailbox using the display menu of your phone rather than following spoken mailbox prompts.

Press the Message button  to use the Visual Mail Option.

***Note*** If you read your voicemail in your email it does not automatically mark it read in your voice inbox. It is good practice to go in and delete messages periodically

You will begin to see new messages appearing in your Email Inbox. This is an exciting new integration with our Voice Mail system.

The messages will appear in your inbox as an email. By Double Clicking the attached WAV file, the messages can be played through your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Of course, you can also listen to voice mail by accessing your messages through your phone.

If you find you do not have this feature enabled or you prefer not to have this feature enabled, please dial 7777 and we assist you.


Visual Voice Controls

The arrangement of options on the screen will vary depending on the phone type and display size.

  • · Listen

Access your own voicemail mailbox. When pressed the screen will show the number of New, Old and Saved messages. Select one of those options to start playback of messages in that category. Use the options below

  • · Listen

Play the message.

  • · Pause

Pause the message playback.

  • · Delete

Delete the message.

  • · Save

Mark the message as a saved message.

  • · Call

Call the message sender if a caller ID is available.

  • · Copy

Copy the message to another mailbox. When pressed as number of

additional options are displayed.

  • · Message

Record and send a voicemail message to another mailbox or mailboxes.

  • · Greeting

Change the main greeting used for callers to your mailbox. If no greeting has been recorded then the default

system mailbox greeting is used.

  • · Email

This option is only shown if you have been configured with an email address for voicemail email usage in the IP Office™ Platform configuration. This control allows you to see and change the current voicemail email mode being used for new messages received by your voicemail mailbox. Use Change to change the selected mode. Press Done when the required mode is displayed. Possible modes are:

  • · Password

Change the voicemail mailbox password. To do this requires entry of the existing password.

  • · Voicemail

Switch voicemail coverage on/off.














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