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This workflow will allow the manager on file for a Non-Employee to either change the expiration date of a Non-Employee’s accounts or immediately terminate access to all of their network accounts.

1) Log on to the Novell Identity Manager UserApp at .
Please note that this website is only accessible while on-campus or using VPN  

2) From the Work Dashboard tab, click on Make a Process Request and Click on Continue

3) Choose “Terminate or Extend Non Employee Account”.

4) Use the Object Selector   to see a list of Non-Employees who report to you.   If you are not currently the Non-Employee’s manager on file, you will not be able to use the Object Selector to select them.    Please contact the Help Desk if you need information on the name of the manager on file for the Non-Employee in question. 

Please note that your list will show current as well as previously-terminated Non-Employees.   You will know that accounts were disabled for terminated Non-Employees because their Current End Date will show a past date.   The terminated Non-Employees still show in your list so that you can re-enable their Non-Employee account if they return in the future. 

             a. To terminate the Non Employee's access NOW, enter yesterday's date in the "Select the New End Date" area.

             b. To EXTEND a Non Employee's access for up to a year, enter the new end date in the "Select the New End Date" area.  

Press the Submit button when the form is completed.

For further assistance, please visit the ITS Help Desk located in NYS 230 or call 203-254-4069 during business hours.

Hours can be found here: ITS Help Desk Hours of Operation