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Students may search for their course materials through the Fairfield University Bookstore or using the new Follett Discover app in Blackboard.

Always consult your course syllabi for a full list of required textbooks, supplies, and other requirements for the course.

Access Follett Discover

  1. Sign into Blackboard

  2. Select Tools, and then Follett Discover

Find Materials by Course

Once selected, the Follett Discover module within Blackboard will show students their courses and any materials adopted by the professors.

  1. Select Term to view courses from past, current, or upcoming terms you have registered for.
  2. Select View All x Materials to view the materials assigned to that course and see detailed information on each specific material.
  3. Select Purchase All Materials to add all materials currently assigned to your courses to the cart for check out.

Purchase All Materials

Once the “Purchase All Materials” button is selected, you will be re-directed to the Fairfield Bookstore website, where a list of adopted materials for your specific courses will be displayed.

  • At this time, you can select the condition of the material they would like to purchase for each course.
  • In the instance that an adoption has not been submitted for a course, the student can choose to be notified by email when course materials are available online