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Follett Discover allows you to easily discover, research, and adopt course materials all in one place. In addition to adopting traditional print materials, Follett Discover makes it easy to search and adopt non-traditional materials such as YouTube videos, and Open Education Resources.

Access Follett Discover

  1. Sign into Blackboard

  2. Select Tools, and then Follett Discover

  3. Start Adopting!

Submitting timely adoptions contributes to course material affordability.

  • Allowing the Fairfield Bookstore time to source used and rental inventory can ensure that our students have the most affordable options available for the first day of class.

  • When adoptions are known before the end of the previous term buyback event, we can pay our students top dollar for the materials they sell back and keep the affordable books circulating at Fairfield University.

  • Allowing us ample time to research your requested materials and determine whether they can be added to our national network list of rental titles, potentially lowering prices even more.

Adopting Digital Content?

When adopting digital, it is important that you confirm the exact ISBN with the publisher representative prior to submitting to the campus store. Please specify whether students should purchase the stand alone eBook, courseware, and/or a digital bundle. If a bundle is needed, also provide details on its components. With an increasing number of content providers adding digital options, it's critical these are verifies early in the adoption process.

Discover and Adopt Content

After opening Follett Discover, you will be able to search for any courses that have been assigned to your through Course Leaf.

  • Select Term to view courses from past or current terms.
  • Manage by Section to discover and assign materials by section number. By default, all sections of the same course are grouped together.
  • Select course header/name to manage your adoptions and leave a message for your students such as "please see the syllabus for a schedule of when and how we will be referencing these materials."

Search for content by typing key words into the Subject textbook and choosing Discover for this course, or by typing a keyword, author, title, or 13-digit ISBN into the global search in the top right-hand corner.

In addition to textbooks, you can add digital bundles, supplies, or search for Open Educational Resources (OER) to help students save.

Viewing Course Materials

The course material details page displays information including the description, table of contents, lowest price available to your students and availability options such as rental or digital. You will also find neighboring institutions who have adopted this material, related items from this publisher, materials that other instructors adopted.

To adopt a material:

  1. Choose the term and course.
  2. Choose whether the usage is required or optional.
  3. Select Adopt.

Adopt Materials from Outside of Follett

If you have students use materials outside of Follett such as an online article or eBook from the University library, you can link to that page from Follett Discover.

  1. On the My Courses page, select the course header/name to open that course's resources page. Information about adopted materials appears for the course.
  2. To adopt a link to supporting materials or a document of materials, find the Add My Content section and choose Add.
  3. Enter the information for your resource:

    1. URL. Copy and paste the link to the resource into the URL text box field. You can also upload small files that students may need throughout the semester, such as an image or PDF of the periodic table.

      If an error message is received, try removing “Https://” from the beginning of the URL

    2. Title (Optional, Recommended). Add a descriptive title for this resource, such as the name of the article/resource.
    3. Description (Optional). Enter a description of the resource - this could include additional information such as the ISBN if it's a textbook, the author, or how students will be expected to use this resource.
    4. Make this Materials Available to: 
      1. Everyone. Anyone who uses Follett Discover and search for and adopt this material for their course.
      2. My students. Only students who have enrolled in your course will see this resource.

    5. Terms and ConditionsRead and agree to the Terms & Conditions.
  4. Select Add to complete the adoption of your material. 

Manage Course Adoptions

Manage a course by selecting the course banner or the View All Materials link from the My Courses page. Within the course management screen, you can:

  • Update the discipline and subject
  • View the status of your adopted materials
  • Adopt items from your library
  • Create custom course packs
  • Continue discovering additional materials
  • Add instructions for your students

My Library

You can use the library to quickly adopt titles for current courses that you have adopted previously. Access your library from the My Library link on the main dashboard or the Copy button within your courses. To adopt multiple materials from your library:

  1. Click the copy button at the bottom of the page.
  2. Select all of the materials you wish to adopt.
  3. Select the department and term.
  4. Select all of the courses you want to adopt the materials for.
  5. Select the Adopt Materials button to submit.

Create shelves to organize your library by subject or topic.

Support for Follett Discover

Please Contact the Fairfield Bookstore Team for additional assistance or questions.

Course Materials Manager: Sean Conlon