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This guide shows how to copy a Blackboard course, or just certain course content, to a destination course. This is useful when teaching a new section of a past course, several sections of the same course, or if course content overlaps between multiple courses.

Note: If teaching multiple sections of the same course simultaneously, you may want to consider a Course Merge instead of a Course Copy. Please contact if you are unsure which would fit your situation better.

Note: If copying ShareStream videos, please be aware that the destination course will have to be enabled for playback. See Embed ShareStream Videos Into Blackboard for instructions.

  1. Select the Source Course

    To get started, visit and Log in with your Fairfield Net ID and current password.

    Locate and click the title of the course you wish to copy from under the My Courses list.

  2. Select the Destination Course

    Now that you’re working from within the Source Course, scroll down to the left-hand Course Management Menu.

    Click Packages and Utilities, then Course Copy.

    Change “Select Copy Type” to Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course.

    Click Browse… to locate and select the Destination Course that you’d like to copy to.

    Once the desired course is selected, click Submit.

  3. Select Content to Copy

    After selecting a Destination Course, you will be returned to the Copy Course page.
    • If copying the entire course, click Select All to ensure that all of your content safely makes it to the Destination Course.
      • Student-submitted work will never be copied over.
      • You may 'clean up' excess materials in the Destination Course afterwards.
    • You may also choose to select only a handful of simple materials like Word/PDF documents or embedded videos via Course Content Pages.
    Note: Be aware that some components, like Assignments and the Grade Center Settings, are dependent on one another and will not populate properly in the Destination Course without each other.

  4. Finalize the Copy

    For File Attachments, confirm that Course Files is set to the second option down: Copy links and copies of the content. This will ensure that the Destination Course receives its own copies of the selected content for your current students to access, rather than erroneously linking them back to the Source Course.

  5. DO NOT include enrollments in the Copy. Click Submit to initiate the Copy. It will take a few minutes to run. Remember to preview the Destination Course and “clean up” any excess pages and/or content.

For further assistance, please visit the ITS4U Help Desk located in NYS 215 or call 203-254-4069 during business hours.

Hours can be found here: ITS4U Help Desk Hours of Operation

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