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NOTE:  Due to confidential nature of certain departments, certain MFP's may not be available to the general public.

LocationDepartmentCanonRYAN ID
DC-LL3D & DP iRA C5030T 3308
DC-LL4Human ResourcesiRA 4035T3306
DC-2nd FlrITSiRA C5035T3421
DHE-210Facilities Mgt-OPSiRA 4035T3305
DHE-149 Counseling & Psychological SvcsiRA 400iFS5837
DHE-120ACounseling & Psychological SvcsiRA 400iFS6405
DHE-120Student Health CenteriRA 4035T3325
DH-106  iRA 400iFs6438
DHW-G102College of Arts and SciencesiRA 400iF
DH-114Ignatian ProgramiRA C5030T3348
DH-214International ProgramsiRA 4035T3381
BCC-212University ActivitiesiRA C7055T3406
BCC-1st FlrUniv Act / FUSA OfficeiRA 4025T3366
BCC-96Office of Residence LifeiRA4051T3398
BCC-100Student DiversityiRA 4035T3302
BCC-408Student Affairs / DeaniRA 4045T3335
BCC-400SodexoiRA C5250S6422
Egan Chapel-LLCampus MinistryiRA 4035T3371
Bannow  167Dean of EngineeringiRA 4035T3429
Bannow - 125Copy RM (Science)iRA 6055T3410
Bannow - 125Copy RM (Science)iRA 6255S6424
Bannow - 318Engineering / PhysicsiRA 4035 T3425
Bannow - 4thPsychologyiRA 4245S6417
Donnarumma-254Copy RoomiRA 6255S6432
Donnarumma-254Copy RoomiRA 6255S6431
Donnarumma-130EnglishiRA 4251S6418
Loyola-7Public SafetyiRA 4035T3369
Loyola-16Studio Arts OfficeiRA 4025T3365
Loyola-145Ignatian Residential CollegeiRA 4035T3368
DSB-1123Dolan School of BusinessiRA 4045T3360
DSB-2108Dolan School of BusinessiRA 6255S6423
DSB-99Sodexo CateringiRA 4035T3367
Regina A. Quick Ctr WorkroomiRA 4025T3361
The BarnFacilities ManagmentiRA 4025T3364
BLM-123President's OfficeiRA C5045T3407
BLM-2/3 HallwayMarketingiRA C5030T3344
BLM-108 HallwayMarketingiRA 4035 T3352
BLM-222Marketing and CommunicationsiRA C5030T3343
BLM-322 aka 5th flrMajor GiftsiRA 4035T3353
BLM-310Annual GivingiRA C5250S6421
BLM-304 aka 5th flrAdvancementiRA 4025T3357
Walsh -100Sports MedicineiRA 4025T3356
Walsh - 226Athletic CommunicationsiRA 4051T3428
Walsh -217Athletics Mail RoomiRA 6055T3396
CNS-100College of Arts and SciencesiRA 4035T3358
CNS-116, GSEAPCollege of Arts and SciencesiRA 4251S6419
CNS-102, GSEAPCollege of Arts and SciencesiRA 400iFS6411
CNS-16College of Arts and SciencesiRA 4045T3404
CNS-213History, DMU, VPA, GSEAPiRA C7260S6415
CNS-200Ctr for Pub Life, Ctr for Cath StudiRA 4035T3359
CNS-300Ctr for Pub Life, Ctr for Cath StudiRA 4051T3400
Alumni House-KitchCtr for Pub Life, Ctr for Cath StudiRA 4035 T3402
RecPlex-1st flr-rearAlumni Hall (Temporary)iRA 4035 T3415
School of Nursing-108School of Nursing - Rm-103iRA 6055T3411
School of NursingSchool of Nursing -TemporaryiRA 6555iS6618
Ctl Utility Facility (CUF)CUF - 1st flooriRA 400IfS6409
Library - 106C.A.E.iRA 4035T3417
Library - 1st floor - rearCirculationiRA 4025T3426
Jesuit Residence-RecptJesuit ResidenceiRA C5035T3347
Early Learning CtrEarly Learning CtriRA 400IFS6437
PepsiCo TheatreTheatreiRA 400IFS6408
Joques Hall-27Music RoomiRA 400iFS6406
McAuliffe- 111PurchasingiRA 4035 T3418
McAuliffe- LLCentral Receiving / StoresiRA 400IFS6414
McAuliffe 2ndSchool of Nursing iRA 4035T3416
MCA-213BudgetiRA C5240AS6420
McAuliffe-301BursariRA 4025T3401
McAuliffe-302Bursar iRA 400IFS6410
McAuliffe-305VP / FinanceiRA C5035 T3346
McAuliffe-Hallway (312A)Accounting iRA 4051T3427
Kelley CenterRegistrariRA 4025T3397
Kelley Center-WestCareer Planning/MultipleiRA 4035 T3354
Kelley CenterFinancial AidiRA 400IFS6407
Kelley CenterFinancial AidiRA C5035T3405

Kelley Center-EastAdmissionsiRA 4035T3392
Kelley CenterAdmissionsiRA4035T3355
Dolan HallSCT / Academic ComputingiRA 4035T3419
Xavier HallMedia CenteriRA 4035T3424
Loyola HallPublic SafetyiRA 400IFS6412
Southwell HallMarriage & FamilyiRA C350iFS6443

For further assistance, please visit the ITS4U Help Desk located in NYS 215 or call 203-254-4069 during business hours.

Hours can be found here: ITS4U Help Desk Hours of Operation