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Blackboard Learn offers 'Inline Grading,' allowing instructors to call up student papers to highlight and comment on text. The annotated version of a paper may be saved as a draft or returned to the author with a grade. Bb Grader is Blackboard's mobile version of the tool. Using it on iPad allows instructors to easily annotate papers using a finger or stylus. And, exclusive to the App is the ability to record spoken comments for the student to listen to when reviewing their graded work.

Note: Any grading completed using Bb Grader will instantly carry over to Fairfield's full Blackboard website.

  1. Launch Bb Grader

    Launch the Bb Grader App, which can be downloaded from your iPad's App Store

    • Designate your institution as Fairfield University

    • Provide your Fairfield University Net ID and current password

    • Tap Login

  2. Course Selection

    Upon login, you’ll see a course title with an arrow to the right of it. Tap on the arrow and a list of all your Blackboard courses will appear. Some courses may appear off-screen, but you may scroll down to them.

  3. Assignment Selection

    Tap on the appropriate course and you'll be presented with a set of icons that each represent one of your Blackboard assignments.

    Note: A green line below the icon will indicate the approximate percentage of grading that’s been completed. A green circle with a check mark in the middle denotes that an assignment has been fully submitted by the students and fully graded by the instructor.)

    Tap any assignment icon to display a list of students who have submitted their papers and the status of each submission.

  4. Commenting on a Paper

    Tap a student’s name to display the document he or she submitted.

    • Just above the top of the document you’ll see a set of icons to Zoom In, Zoom Out, Add a Comment, or Download.

    • Choose the Add a Comment icon, then tap anywhere in the document to place it. 

  5. Grading

    Tap Grade on the top-right of the screen to display the Grade panel.

    The Grade panel offers several options.
    • Enter a number grade into the provided box.
    • Save Draft saves your comments and unofficial number grade, but does not inform the student.
    • Send Grade officiates your assigned grade in the Blackboard Grade Center.
      • If the assignment's Grade Center column set to be visible to students, they will receive their graded paper, including comments.
      • The Feedback area allows you to leave a final comment in regards to the paper as a whole.
      • Grading Notes are notes to yourself regarding the paper. They are never shared with students.
      • Audio allows you to record spoken feedback for the student.
      • Video allows you to record video feedback for the student.

  6. Going Back

    Return to the list of student submissions by tapping the backward arrow on the top-left of the screen. Tap it again to return to your list of assignments.

    For further assistance, please visit the ITS4U Help Desk located in NYS 215 or call 203-254-4069 during business hours.

    Hours can be found here: ITS4U Help Desk Hours of Operation

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