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We have 4 Canon Multi-Functions Printers (Canon MFPs) in the Library. All of them can print / copy / scan in color. 3 for Library staff use only and 1 for any staff and faculty (at Info Commons)

Cat & Circ

  • tray 1 = letter
  • side tray (multi purpose tray)  = can manually load paper from "Monarch envelope" to "Legal"


  • tray 1 = letter
  • tray 2 = legal
  • side tray (multi purpose tray)  = can manually load paper from "Monarch envelope" to "Legal"

"Faculty Copier" (at InfoCommons)

  • tray 1 = letter
  • tray 2 = letter
  • tray 3 = legal
  • tray 4 = 11x17 (Tabloid)


Cat & Circ & Dean

You can print to it directly (it'll print out right away) OR using SecurePrint, aka 'My Print Anywhere"  (have to swipe to release on any Canon MFPs on campus)

Print Directly

Print as usual and select the printer you want to print to. It should have a name something along this line

    • "NYS-C355iF-Dean/Cat/Circ on herems64"
    • "Canon Dean/Cat/Circ"

Ask Library Tech Dept. or ITS if you don't see the printers

Print using Secure print

Print as usual, but select "My Print Anywhere"

    • MyPrintAnywhere on VMW00169 (PC)
    • My Print Anywhere (Mac)

Ask Library Tech Dept. or ITS if you don't see the My Print Anywhere printers

Then release it at any printers

    • swipe StagCard (magnet strip up)
      • if it's your first time using it, you'll need to link an account by logging in with NetID using on-screen keyboard
    • tap "Secure Print"
    • select the file you want and tap "Print+Delete"

see Secure/Wireless Print @ Fairfield University

Printing from Mobile device

  • Attached the file you want to print and mail it (from account) to
    • probably a good idea to not include the email signature with social media icons because the printer will think you want to print those too
  • Then release it as described above

Faculty Copier

You print to it using Secure Print

Print Settings (B/W / Color | Simple / Duplex)

Click to Expand

When we set the printer up for, the default options should be set to B&W / Duplex, but if you want to use a different options:

*most of the time, you'd want to explicitly select "Black & White" because if you select "auto" and your document has one word with red color in it, it'll print as color and we'll get charged as color.



Printing from the side (Multi-Purpose) Tray

Click to Expand
  • At the Printer
  • open the side tray
  • load the paper and move the plastic thigy so it fits
  • go to printer scrren and select the size of paper that you've just loaded and tap 'OK'
  • Then on your computer
  • MAC
    • "Paper Source" → "Multi-Purpose Tray"
  • PC
    • "Paper Source" Tab → Paper Source = Multi-purpose Tray

Copy & Scan

Before you can copy or scan, you must identify ourself by either swiping StagCard OR log-in with your NetID (for student workers, we might be able to get a special PIN, I'm looking into it now)

See Canon MultiFunction Printer User Basics


will be charged to the Library

Kind$ per pagenote
B&W Single Sided0.0325
B&W Double Sided (Duplex)0.0575
Color Single Sided0.0825
Color Double Sided (Duplex)? Don't knowwe probably don't want to do this anyway? It'll bleed?

Note to Self

just to go it on Windows using run.exe or Exploer and it'll add
if it complains about need printer driver update, you might need to remove the printer and reinstall

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