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  • Every load table: Protect 934 from being overwritten @OV_PROTECT  y(934:d)
  • Every table: overlay double check  with @ov_title="r:4" (if watch, compare first 4 chars of titles - in not match - reject) 
  • Insert/update tables: protect BCODE3
  • Every non-OCLC table: check incoming 001 to make sure it has a prefix. use %001(start="a-z")
  • table for insert/update EBSCO ebooks (or any from OCLC)
  • table for delete EBSCO ebooks (or any from OCLC) - 

    #map each 019 $a to non-marc o tag so it can match

some useful links

Table here

CollectionVendorTypeUpdateWhich Load TableHow to get .marc file


Super Secret Manual (Do NOT share to other library)

Begin forwarded message:

From: Patrick Ford <>

Subject: RE: Load Profile Question

Date: February 8, 2017 at 5:42:58 PM EST

To: "Meesangnil, Wittawat" <>

Hi Wit,

Nice to hear from you!

The current manual does not mention these two triggers at all, so I assume that means that they are difficult and/or rarely used. I personally have never used them.

I have attached our internal documentation for all the ov_priority triggers since many are interrelated. I hope this is helpful.



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