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The ticketing system operates as a centralized hub for issuing, prioritizing and tracking digital marketing requests.  These requests are broken down into two types: operational vs. project.  Service Length Agreements are only applicable to operational tickets.  Please see the below chart for ticket response and resolution times (SLAs).

Two Types of Tickets

Operational Tickets: Tasks that are easily defined and do not fall under more than one of the 'Request Categories'.
Project Tickets: Larger scale requests that contain 3 or more deliverables each requiring a separate ticket.  View the workflow.

Service Length Agreements:

*If major changes occur outside of the ticket scope, the SLA resolution time will restart
exceptions to SLA times include date, time and location changes or for compliance updates

WebsiteAcknowledgement TimeResolution (T4) update4 business hours3 business days
New Template: (T4) page4 business hours3-5 business days
Google Form (excel output)4 business hours5 business days
New Landing Page within template4 business hours3-5 business days
New Landing Page (new template)4 business hours10-14 business days
Landing Page Update4 business hours3 business days
2 day SLA for content approvals via digital4 business hours2 business days
Homepage Update4 business hours2 business day
Vanity URL4 business hours1 business day

**for more detailed information on this process visit the Data Requests from Advancement page

Data Request TicketDescriptionResolution
ApprovalJanet will give approval through the ticket ( business days
Data PullOnce an approval is sent, the data will be pulled7 business days
Data Pull + EmailAbove SLA's included.  Email copy must be added no later than 3 days prior to the send date; if not added in time the send date will be pushed back one day for every day late.10 business days

**email SLA's DO NOT include time to pull data
**email SLA's include 2 rounds of copy changes, anything past that is considered out of scope and will reset the SLA.

EmailAcknowledgement TimeResolution
New one-time email (within template)4 business hours3 business days
New one-time email (custom design)4 business hours5 business days
Resend of previous email (duplicate)4 business hours2 business days
New recurring email (new design)4 business hours7-10 business days
Resend of previous recurring email (newsletter)4 business hours5 business days

Request CategoryAcknowledgement TimeResolution
New Project 4 business hours TBD by Digital Marketing
ThinkSpace Post 4 business hours2 business days
Press Release 4 business hours1 business days

Document Upload

 4 business hours2 business days
Analytics 4 business hours1-3 business days

**If multiple posts are requested in the same ticket Eric will schedule and attach the schedule after set up
**Eric will put in tickets from requests made directly by stakeholders in the name of the appropriate IMM and cc the requesting stakeholder.
**Tickets scheduled in advanced will be put on hold until the post goes up. There will be a notification in closing the ticket that the post went up. If the ticket has multiple posts in it there will be a notification in the ticket as each one goes live.

Ticket Assigned 4 business hours4 business hours
Confirmation of date content will be displayed 6 business hours6 business hours
Confirmation for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram 6 business hours2 business days


 4 business hours3 weeks

Ticket Prioritization

Digital Marketing assigns a priority to every ticket request that is initiated.  A prioritization model is used to ensure a consistent approach to defining the sequence in which an item needs to be resolved and to drive the assignment of resources.

  • Urgent – Must be substantiated under issue information with a brief description
  • High – time sensitive, revenue generating or high audience reach
  • Medium – (default priority used) will be completed within the standard SLA resolution timeframe
  • Low – Non-time sensitive requests

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