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Tips for Better Time Management Organization

  • Purchase an organizer/planner
  • Identify the task and what you might need
    • Appropriate work space
    • Correct tools
  • Make note of your "best" or peak time of day
  • Be disciplined about distractions
  • Put things away when you're done


  • Think through the steps of the task before you begin
  • Set specific goals
  • Make an overall plan or outline
  • Evaluate how you will spend your time and if this is the best way to complete the task
  • Create a realistic weekly schedule
  • Also make a daily schedule
  • Be realistic about time - people often underestimate how long things take
  • Allow time for unplanned/unscheduled activities
  • Don't plan to do more than you can do


  • Big picture first - details later
  • Prioritize daily and weekly activities
  • Monitor your activities
  • Do only what's important
  • Stay focused
  • Take responsibility for each delay


  • Explore emotions associated with procrastination
  • Recognize your fantasies about the task
  • Evaluate your avoidance of the task
  • Assess the cost of avoidance
  • Confront negative beliefs
  • Look for hidden rewards
  • Put aside worry
  • Start with small steps - and start early
  • Recognize "good enough" - "perfect" is subjective and unattainable


Do you...

  • Have trouble saying "no"?
  • Know what works for you?
  • Ignore your own signs of stress?
  • Rush through things and end up doing them again?
  • Let personal problems invade your work time?
  • Make yourself anxious?
  • Delay making decisions?
  • Being an important assignment when you're tired or hungry?
  • Take on too much, then criticize yourself for not getting it done?

General Suggestions

  • Take work with you when you might have to wait
  • Practice mindfulness - stay in the moment
  • Give yourself permission to do nothing from time to time
  • Link a distasteful activity to another that you are sure you will do
  • Reward yourself for getting things done or completing unpleasant tasks
  • Don't waste time on decisions that involve inconsequential or equally attractive activities - flip a coin!
  • Finish one thing before starting another
  • Create a metaphor for the task
  • Listen carefully to be sure you understand what's communicated and expected
  • No labels