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Counseling & Psychological Services (C&PS)

The Wellness Group: Alcohol and Drug Harm Reduction

The Wellness Group is an outpatient substance misuse treatment program for Fairfield University students. The group meets on campus twice weekly for 2 to 4 sessions.

The treatment model upon which the group is based is harm reduction, and is for students interested in exploring strategies to reduce the harm that alcohol and other drugs have caused in their lives.

The Wellness Group addresses motivation for change, teaches skills and strategies to reduce risks associated with drugs and alcohol, and provides information about the effects of substance misuse. Group participants are expected to attend between 2 and 4 consecutive sessions, participate in group discussion, and complete regular written assignments within the group setting.

Some of the topics discussed in the group are:

  • the decision to address a substance problem
  • the personal consequences of substance misuse
  • strategies for decreasing or abstaining from alcohol and/or drug use
  • substance misuse and triggers and making plans to cope with exposure to triggers
  • isolation and dishonesty that result from substance use
  • peer pressure and peer support
  • the impact of family and significant others on substance use
  • drink and drug refusal skills
  • expectations associated with a new lifestyle based on moderation

For more information about the Wellness group, please contact C&PS

The Bridge Group

The Bridge group is for those who have decided that alcohol and drug use has interfered with their health and well-being. Students help each other make healthier choices. For more information about the Bridge group, please contact C&PS

The Recovery Group

The Recovery Group is based on an abstinence model for those who have decided to live a clean, sober life. Students support each other in recovery. For more information about the Recovery group, please contact C&PS.

Alcoholics Anonymous Groups on Campus

AA meetings are held on campus each week at various locations. Please check the Group Counseling calendar for times and locations or contact C&PS to inquire about their scheduling. 

Narcotics Anonymous

To find a meeting for NA, please visit Narcotics Anonymous.

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